Friday, December 16, 2016

The problem with being a muppet (or should i say losing you)

As a follow up to the last post, the big problem with being a muppet is this:

You lose you. Yes, Of all the people you would meet in this life, you can lose you. What happens is that you end up in a game of sorts, where someone starts, stops and picks up later and decide to finish or try to finish (the occasional advisor) or they never pick it up again (for those who give you one-time advice). But you are no longer you. You are an item in someone elses game. You've given up control to someone else.

Ever played pacman? it keeps going till you use the controls to change it's course and if it hits a wall and you're absent minded, it just stays there till you move it. And if you don't, it gets eaten because eventually it gets caught. But that's because it's doesn't move on it's own volition. Same here; someone moves you and when they don't move you, you keep going in the direction where they steared you . You hit a wall and they are tehre to help, they'll navigate you away for a bit. Or you just get stuck and you may meet your end as your'e trying to dig your way out.

These are some reasons why it's wrong to listen to others:
  • Most don't really care about your life
  • You can't trust man blindly. (I've rule #2 to remember one thing I fail to remember often)
  • They don't know how to live life. They didn't create it, they don't have the user manual on it. As a matter of fact, they can barely live their own life. What makes them experts in the art of living?!
  • It's no longer you but their game or side project. The problem with a game is that it's just that - A game. The problem with that is that it's your life and when it becomes a game, well, you are a living being. Add it up. But the real thing is that you have to give account one day of your life to God. It was given to you, not to someone else, so YOU are responsible for it. By losing yourself, you don't get to live. Someone just moves you around and you go through life as a living muppet.

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