Thursday, December 22, 2016

On Being Ready - A tale of the wine jar

The last chapter in Isaiah spoke personally to me because it gave me hope. It was the most reassuring passage I'd read. It's the part that talks about shall I bring to delivery and not give birth? part. It was the assurance that God will follow through.

I was talking to someone and he mentioned something similar. My crazy miente assumed that was a confirmation that God was still going to come through for me. But He also mentioned sometimes, God doesn't do something because you're not ready. My mind ignored that completely.

Ready, I've been ready, I've prayed and prayed. But praying does not equal ready. Over the last few weeks I've come to realize that I wasn't ready for certain things. I was not wise. I needed to learn certain things first.

I liken it to having new wine and a dirty old wine vessel. You can't pour new wine into the dirty old vessel. It'll mess up the new wine as it'll become contaminated. Instead, one must first clean the old vessel and then it'll be ready for the new wine. So it is with us. Sometimes, God needs to make us ready for certain things. Whether through experiences that will teach us lessons or by us making our own mistakes and stumbling in the dark till we realize we need a light to help us find our way. Either way, sometimes, we're not ready. we are dirty wine jars that need to be cleaned out and made ready for the new wine. Otherwise, the new wine poured into the dirty vessel will become dirty and no good.

The caveat is that the cleaning (or should I say learning) experience can be quite painful. The jar endures the hard scrub, we endure pain sometimes.

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