Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Hard and Easy

The hard thing and yet so easy to do as a Christian is this:

Knowing there are snakes on the ground, knowing they are looking to bite, knowing you need to make sure you're not bitten lest you die, knowing the best way to keep from getting bitten is looking up to the Serpent on the rod and YET looking to the ground instead and trying to ward off the little snakes there.

It's hard because we see the serpents on the ground and logic tells us the best way is to move our legs away from them or strike them with something if we can. Logic tells us to do something, fight them where they are. And yet we do that, expend precious energy doing that, and fail - we get bitten!

On the Contrary, we could conserve that energy and look up as we're commanded and live. Easy, huh?

And yet, we find it so hard to sit still and let God act. We fight and fail. O, the irony!

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