Monday, September 26, 2016


I was driving with someone the other day when the person ahead just stopped at turn and wasn't moving (I'm not surprised). But anyway, he says to me "why was he not going? My response: "Fear".

Such a powerful emotion. It can cripple and paralyze. It results in irrational actions and behaviors. It The panic that accompanies is catastrophic to say the least.

I got a phone call today that broke me...I actually cried. Not sure exactly why I cried as I was pretty stoic over the phone when the person was saying "don't worry about it...." I was so composed, thank them and thought "OK". And yet minutes after I hang up, I caved in. And then my mind went to ten million places....

Somehow, I got over, got some food and decided to watch this american life. Interesting story I watched. Made me feel like one of those days when I walk in trauma and come out thinking....ok...It's not that bad with me.

But like Mike, the guy who the piece was centered on, I've also realized how tenuous my life is and I've realized I don't have time to waste on fear. If you've read previous posts, I've described time as the dark villain in the story of life, looming with it's dark presence. Anyway... After the sermon I heard and listening to Scott Krippayne, I trust that God will act. Next!

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