Monday, September 19, 2016

Influences this year

I've read a few books by Bennett this year and I'm still reading his books. What attracted me to him was how blunt he was... he tells the truth like it is. Without fear or remorse. I saw a characteristic I possesed but don't see in others. People tell me I'm blunt. The irony is that I've learned from Bennett the importance of not being blunt always. Just because I won't lie doesn't mean I have to verbalize the truth. I've many thoughts about his works and a blog post won't be sufficient to write it.

I was looking at a DBT book on amazon (long story on how I got to that book later) following a truth I've had to embrace this week. A reviewer summarized the main points of the book and I thought to myself 'I've learned these from Bennett" that and reading "Proverbs" earlier this year.
The reviewer listed Distress Tolerance, Emotional regulation , interpersonal Effectiveness and Mindfullness. These are what is involved in these.  Let's see all of these were summarized in How to live 24 hours a day. I learned more about Mindfulness from "The Human Machine" and his third book I read "Mental Efficiency and ..." He talks about "the petty artificialities". Also things like breaking down with the past etc were topics covered in the last book. I also read Marcus Andronicu when I get the chance. These have all helped me in this arena. 

The funny thing is that I identified my symptoms and started working on resolving them. What I can't answer is did I fail to see the label they fall under because it's been almost 10years since I did a clinical rotation in this field or was I in denial? 

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