Saturday, July 16, 2016

The "how"

This is something I've used in the past to remind myself when in trouble :

Israel, standing before the red sea look back and see the Egyptian army. May I emphasize “army” so we acknowledge they are armed, chariots et all. They look before them and it's a see. What do they do?

Here's the human way to look at it. Going forward means drowning which is death. Going back means death for a mighty army was coming after them. What to they do?

In the past, I've used this to remind myself when I'm in a bind that God can deliver. Since he was able to do it for Israel. And that what they should have done is remember his mighty deeds in Egypt and realize he had not changed since they left Egypt - He was still the God who can do miracles. But it's so easy to say that isn't it? Trust in God. Yet, many of us have experienced God's miracles in our lives and in times of trouble, we crumble faster than we can say the word “pray”. 

But even in times when I've reminded myself that God can do it, many many times, I've asked “HOW?” Because the reason I'm panicking in most of these instances is that I see no way- no way out, no solution, an impossibility. I want to know how. And as I write this I'm starting to think it's because if I know how God would do it, I can analyze it and say “oh yeah, it can be done that way” and then I wouldn't worry. There have been times I've prayed asking God “just show me how, Lord”. I want to know how so my anxiety can lessen. I know God can do it, I don't don't His power. It's wanting to be in the know that gets me. There's also been few times I've asked “will you?” And most other times it's been “when?” The how and when are what I tend to ask. I'll deal with the others another day but when it comes to the how, should that even be a question?

One thing that cemented the fact that God is omniscient was a Him telling Abraham his descendants would be slaves in another land and He would deliver them. Abraham didn't ask how? He trusted that promise.

Sometimes not seeing ‘how’ leads us to take matters into our own hands. We attempt to create a solution and in so doing we not only make things worse, but we sin and even in cases where we do get things taken care of, there is still a shadow of sin behind it. I usually think of King Saul who went ahead to sacrifice before Samuel you there. And many times I've prayed asking God not to put me in that position as Saul where I act before his grace appears. Because if Saul had not sinned, would there have been a David?

But it's so hard to just sit tight and wait, isn't it? So here's what I read from Spurgeon:
We may leave the "how" with the Lord and be content to rejoice in the fact that He will, in some way or other, bring His own people through all the dangers, trials, and temptations for this mortal life to His own right hand in glory.
How simple! The Lord has promised He will be with us, He will deliver us, that if we call upon Him, He will answer. Do we need to know the how? I think it shows a lack of trust and faith for if we truly believed, we should be like Abraham - content with the knowledge that God would do as he's promised and not bother with the "how".

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