Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Life is not a snapshot

I find it very hard to see God's action in my life, most of the time when it's ongoing. Lately I operate on faith and trust. A lot of times in the past, it's been a matter of praying because I think the process hasn't started or because I think it's not being  done. What I find quite easier to do, however, is see what God had done in hindsight. Note I said "easier" which means even then I don't see it always. There are times when I recognize something 5 or 10 years after the fact or even more. But usually within weeks, months or justa few years, I can see in hindsight.

What makes it hard to see? I don't know. I'll speculate and say our expectations may be part of it. We're not seeing it done the way we expect and so it appears it's not being done.  But when the results show up, oftentimes, it's easier to look back and see what had been going on and how it led to the results.

One thing I used to struggle with was Joseph. Why did he have to go through all of that : being sold, Potiphar's wife, being thrown to jail, the fact that he was in a foreign land with no family. What if Potiphar had chosen to kill him rather than throw him in Jail? I've come to realize the whole thing was a way for God to provide for Jacob and his family in the family that was yet to come. Egypt had the resources and people and logistics to produce and store food for that.

Well then why did Joseph had to go through ALL of that if God wanted him to end upa ruler in Egypt? Why didn't he just take him straight to it? I can't answer for God but here's my thought: would Americans accept a young man from say Poland as vice president? There are citizens here who are qualified right? So why would Egyptians accept some foreigner to rule without any merit? Not gonna happen. If you look closely it all falls into place perfectly.

What about the question I posed earlier about what if Potiphar had killed rather than throw in jail? Remember Job? God doesn't throw the soul he created to the devil. He was with Joseph guiding the situation and I believe he wouldn't let that happen. If the plan is to slowly get Joseph right under Pharaoh so his family can be provided for when that famine came, death was certainly not in the picture. Logically it defeats the whole purpose.

I've personally seen something go in on my life that didn't make sense. And I thought I'd seen the end result a week ago and I was so thankful to God because in hindsight I saw what He'd done and I was amazed. I thought that was the end point of what God was doing. This wasn't something I'd even prayed for. Well today I read an email and I was shocked and amazed. I thought I'd looked in hindsight a week ago and seen what God had done but now I see what He's done. What I thought was His completion was still a part of the process.

All I can say is He saw what was coming yesterday and He made provisions for me. I was thinking these provisions started a month ago but who's to say He didn't start  this 4 years ago? What has amazed me is how in a time when others have uncertainty at sudden bad news, I can look back and say "Thank You, God".

His ways are perfect. Sometimes I wish I know He's working so I can quiet down and not worry or panic. But lately though, I'm rest assured that He will not fail at His word. And I'm times of trouble, I'm assured by Psalm 46:10.

Life is not a snapshot - there's a bigger picture.

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