Monday, August 1, 2016

What a friend we have in Jesus

Not sure why this song popped into my head today. I'm not going to dissect the lyrics.
However, one thing I've noticed is this:
People aren't there for you always. They are human. Even if they can be there when you need them, there's a chance something could be in the way. They might be sick themselves, in a meeting and unable to pick up a call, working and unavailable, I could go on and on and on. You've also gotta realize that they have their own issues. Do they have your best at heart? Umm... Will they die for you? There, the answer is much easier when asked this way right?

The other thing is this: God is always available and He has your best at heart. Have you ever Knelt in prayer and as soon as you say "Dear God..." you heard "not now, I'm busy"?

Why we turn to man instead of God? that's a mystery to me right now.

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